Sunday, March 6, 2011

Little Hoot by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Jen Corace

"Once upon a branch, there was a fellow named Little Hoot. Little Hoot was a happy little owl."

When I read about Little Oink, the pig who loved to be neat and hated making messes, I thought, "There is nothing cuter than this little pig!" Boy, was I wrong!

Little Hoot is an owl who likes to go to school, play hide and seek, and practice "pondering." Like many little ones we all know and love, Little Hoot does not like Bedtime. His parents make him stay up late, playing on the jungle gym, playing swords, and jumping on his bed of leaves. This little sleepyhead wants nothing more than to get a night's rest, but his parents want him to grow up and be a wise old owl; once bedtime finally rolls around, he doesn't even have the energy for a bedtime story and a glass of water. It's pretty stinkin' adorable.

So, I'm basically in love with these clever little stories from Rosenthal and Corace. The quirky little characters teach great lessons for children and I find myself giggling at the sweet little illustrations and the irony of animals who are trying to defy their inherent nature. Little Pea is the third of Rosenthal and Corace's stories, and I'm sure I'm going to thoroughly enjoy it. I probably won't blog about it for fear of being to predictable or redundant, so just assume I would rave about it. :)

5Q: Once again, I'm super impressed by the simplicity and meaning that the words bring to the reader, paired with illustrations that are meticulous and eye-catching.
5P: I think this book is equally as admired among children as it (and the other two books like it) is among adults.

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