Friday, April 1, 2011

Gateway Nominee #1: Wake (and the Dream Catcher Series) by Lisa McMann

This post is a bit premature because I have yet to read the third (and final) book of Lisa McMann's Dream Catcher series, but I NEED to talk about how addictive this series is. I've literally blazed through the first and second installments of the series, Wake and Fade, in a total of 3 or so hours. What I'm finding is that the suspense makes me not want to put the book down if I don't have to (except for sleeping purposes, ironically enough) and they read so concisely that I'm not caught up in flowery language, sidebars, or anything too distracting. Please do not take this to mean these novels are one-dimensional or too simple; the stories are layered and so are the characters (without being too bogged down to follow properly).

So here's my plan for blogging this series:

1. Finish the 3rd installment, Gone
2. Rate each book separately using the Quality and Popularity rating system, but keep the details at a minimum
3. Tell you all what I like about the series as a whole and summarize the plot progression (without giving too much away, of course)
4. Ultimately, I want to make you want to read it. Then we can discuss further :)

Have a lovely (Spring) weekend, all. I'll be back in action again soon!

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