Sunday, February 13, 2011

Little Oink by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Jen Corace

"Little Oink was a neat little pig. He liked a lot of things..."

"But there was one thing Little Oink didn't like: 
Mess up time"

Who ever heard of a little pig who wanted nothing but to be tidy and clean? Rosenthal's story of a little pig who loves to dig (with a spade and gloves) and eat Sloppy Joes and Gruel au Gratin (with utensils and a handkerchief around his neck) but hates to make messes is a creative, simply-told, fun read for parents/teachers to share with their kiddos. The illustrations were honestly what drew me in to begin with; Corace's use of bold colors and geometric shapes make the pictures alluring and bright. I think these drawings make the book very likely to be picked up by children and will keep them interested throughout the story. And, I think parents and teachers can use the book to teach children about being who they are and still "following" the rules :)

5Q: for great writing, original plot and unique, bright illustrations
5P: the colorful drawings and likable main character would make this popular with both kids and adults

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  1. I want to find this book. The illustrations look amazing.